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We have a series of predefined courses along with the capability to further customize our offerings to meet the training needs of our clients

YOUR Fundamentals

Recommended for all project participants: IBM ICM fundamentals with examples and exercise relevant to your business.
(i) Demonstrate the key capabilities of the software
Prepare administrators for the day to day tasks of plan maintenance.
(ii) Provide administrators and QA personnel with the toolset needed to set up test plans and validate results during the UAT/QA portion of the implementation.

YOUR Reporting & Workflow

Enable users to enhance existing and build new reports, dashboards and workflows in your model.

YOUR boot camp

Best practices for requirements gathering, design and build. A guided case study implementation modeled on your data, plans and components.
The theory and hands-on experience to understand the key concepts and tools needed to create and modify plan logic, reporting and workflow in IBM ICM.

The latest and greatest

Designed for clients recently upgraded from older versions of the product, this course is customized to highlight all the key features that have been added to the product to put you in a position to leverage them immediately.

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