IBM Incentive Compensation Management software.
Cover all your Incentive Compensation Management needs


Are you the right candidate for this software?   



1. Your organization has over 50 sales staff?



2. You use legacy or other software which is not very flexible?



3. You manage all your Incentive Compensation using Excel, compromising on scalablility?



  If you answered yes to any of these, then, an efficient, flexible and robust solution – IBM ICM, could just be what you need.



IBM ICM Features


  Handle high transaction volumes


  Efficiently process data

  Help in decision making

What can IBM ICM do for you, anyways?

Seamlessly receive the transactional data

IBM ICM can receive data from most systems in various formats. It can be set up to receive the data automatically through its scheduler.

Configured to suit your needs

IBM ICM can be configured to provide the flexibility you need, making plan changes and modifications easy.

Process the data in the system efficiently

IBM ICM can be fine tuned to provide highest level of performance for large volumes of data.

Make your day to day decision making easier through

a. Reports
b. Dashboards
c. Published extracts that can be used for downstream systems or offline analysis

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