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Maximize the return on your Incentive Compensation Investment

Leverage the rich data set in your solution to uncover insights into your business.

Strategic Reporting & Analytics

Equip your business with solutions that provide in-depth analysis to quickly identify concerns and adapt to shifting business priorities. Our reports are built with your daily business operations in mind. These solutions provide foresight to prevent challenges before they are relevant, allowing you to make data-informed decisions that drive organizational maturity.

We specialize in the following areas of analytics:

Revenue Intelligence

Our revenue intelligence and cost analysis solutions provide deep insights into your financial performance. These tools allow you to evaluate compensation spend against revenue expectations and automate laborious budgeting and forecasting processes. You can leverage these revenue metrics to compare plan performance to your overall company goals.

Performance Management

Elevate your sales organization with our performance management analytics. Our dynamic solutions transcend conventional metrics. With features such as employee stack rankings, prospect conversion metrics, and in-depth sales cycle analysis, you gain real-time insights into sales performance. Utilize this data to appropriately motivate your team, while shaping your corporate strategy for success.

Coaching Tools

Empower your sales managers and representatives with a comprehensive suite of coaching tools that amplify leadership guidance. Our solutions offer essential insights to inspire and mentor your sales team, and with individual employee scorecards, we enable your sales force to self-manage more effectively. This fosters a culture of transparency and continuous improvement, propelling the growth of your business.

Executive Reporting

Expedite your quarterly or annual reporting for senior leadership with our robust analytics. Our tools provide quick access to clear, concise, and actionable data, empowering your leadership team to make informed decisions while maintaining the agility required for your organization's success.

Pay Equity

Ensure compensation fairness at a position or incentive plan level. Our solutions ensure that your pay structure is both equitable and benchmarked competitively. This empowers you to maintain a motivated and diverse workforce while adhering to ethical compensation standards.


Our attrition solutions feature robust turnover rate metrics to shed light on employee satisfaction and organizational trends. This comprehensive tool includes workforce and capacity planning insights, along with strategic territory management analytics. By implementing these solutions, you can proactively address retention challenges while fostering a resilient and sustainable workforce within your organization.