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Advisory Services

Our seasoned professionals have the industry experience and technical expertise to tie the capabilities of your data back to your business goals.

Looking for extra support solving complex compensation challenges?
Preparing for a large company shift?
Need an extra set of hands for annual updates to incentive plans?
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Commission Plan Optimization

Our team conducts thorough assessments of incentive plans, evaluating key aspects such as design, effectiveness, performance, benchmarking, and quota setting accuracy. This rigorous analysis ensures that your incentive plans not only align with your business goals but also motivate the right behaviors.

We also offer custom-built reporting tools so you can easily measure how plan performance influences your organization's sales results.

Beyond core incentive plan creation, we provide expertise in creating bonus and SPIF (Sales Performance Incentive Fund) program structures. If you are looking to enhance your short-term incentive programs, we assess the impact of your existing structures and recommend solutions that drive specific sales behaviors while staying budget-conscious.

Revenue Strategy

Supporting your revenue journey, from planning to predictability and profit. Our strategy is designed to optimize your revenue streams and support your growth objectives.

We excel in establishing various Revenue Recognition Models, including ARR, and streamlining compliance with ASC 606 through automation. Our services extend to advanced reporting and modeling. This enables you to make informed decisions and refine your revenue and growth strategies. We specialize in commission cost analysis and expense management, helping you to fine-tune your financial efficiency, reduce costs, and drive sustainable growth.

Annual Planning

Alleviate your team's year-end workload with our expert guidance on annual incentive plan and system updates. Our consulting service is tailored to evaluate the success of current and past year's incentive programs, to provide future recommendations that are ensured to align seamlessly with your model. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support in executing annual updates to your solution and rolling out new incentive plans, ensuring a seamless year-end transition.

Leave Management

We streamline leave of absence tracking and enhance compensation solutions through tailored automation. Our proficiency extends to territory management solutions, retirement account tracking, strategic planning for operational shifts, and compensation impact evaluations.