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"Teach them to fish"

WorkCentive's implementation approach focuses on education throughout the process, so you feel confident working in your new solution.

ICM & SPM Implementations

End-to-end customized solutions with seamless data integration to meet your company’s Incentive Compensation Management software needs.

Looking to implement a new solution?

Here's how we can help...

Solution Evaluation

If you're still deciding on a system, we will identify requirements and recommend a solution that best fits your needs. During this time, we can also define frameworks and validate data sources to create a clear path of execution once a solution is selected.

Side-By-Side Training

Our implementation process includes a dedicated training schedule that enables user empowerment before, during, and after implementation.

Flexible & Experienced Support

We understand that things don't always go according to plan. Our flexible model allows us to shift with changes to your timeline. Each of our implementations have dedicated consultant support. This ensures that you feel supported every step of the way and have a familiar face to reach out to any time you have questions.

Reliable Estimates

Getting things done on-time and on-budget is always our top priority. We pride ourselves in setting realistic and transparent estimates. If surprises do come up, we always consult with you first to keep your priorities top of mind.

Non-Traditional Models

Our expertise extends beyond standard implementations, we adapt incentive solutions to fit a variety of business models. Whether you are looking to perform B2B credit calculations, set up retirement tracking, or any other unique business needs, we can discuss your best options for a solution.